Island Time

Island Time

Kauai is one of my favorite places in the world. There is no better place to shed the distractions of the mainland by entering an island paradise. No, I’m not talking about sitting next to a pool drinking Chi Chi’s and racking up your Mahalo Rewards. I’m talking about going to the edge of the world, and living simply with the land. There is no better place to do that than hiking the Na Pali coast along the Kalalau Trail.

This time last year I spent a week hiking the full length of the Kalalau. Words do not express this hike, although I did my best to annoy friends all year with stories. Thanks to Jim’s Global Elite Signature President’s Club Premium Advantage status, we were able to book a last minute trip to the island.

We had several different itineraries for the trip, none of which we followed. We were on Island Time. A few of the highlights: Sleeping under an incredible night sky on Haena Beach, jamming guitar with some locals, hiking 8 miles along the Kalalau trail, and taking a helicopter ride to get a full view of the island.

Swimming under the 300 foot Hanakapiai Falls, I floated on my back and looked up. I let out a whoop, feeling both lost and found at the same time. The water was freezing, but I could not care.  Thousands of miles from any stress, I took a moment and let the Island take me.

Lost and Found under a 300 foot waterfall.
Lost and Found under a 300 foot waterfall.

I will live in a place like this. I can already hear you: “I’d get bored,” or “Not for me, I would have island fever.” Great! What an amazing experience to become bored of paradise!!! I’d rather get bored of being awesome then be happy being normal.

Kauai Hanakapiai Falls

The trip was short, but gave us just enough Island Time to hold me over until my next visit. I hope to return for a week before summer, to hike the full length of the trail and introduce some new friends to my personal paradise.

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